Lavender Cloth Bunny

Lavender Cloth Bunny

Here is my first November project: a vintage style cloth bunny rabbit! I’ve been planning to make some clothes this month but I’m still waiting for the fabrics I ordered online so in the mean time I’ve decided to tackle a smaller crafting project. I’ve had some Lavender fabric laying around the house and the color imminently reminded me of an Instagram user @Tsumikko so I’ve decided to take her as inspiration!

Final results!

Here is mu muse, Tsumikko! ^.^” I am already thinking of a few other cute IG inspired bunnies I could create!

Of course, it didn’t go seamlessly as this was my first time testing this pattern. As you can see, I messed up the seam allowance on the rabbit’s head ,which resulted in uneven seams and thus making the nose look right was a struggle. There was also a few things I didn’t think through, like where to leave an opening for filling. Putting all the parts together was a bit of a struggle. My next bunny will certainly turn out much better. Look out for a PDF pattern on Sleepy Witch for this bunbun in the future!

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