Japan Autumn 2019: Hida Folk Village

Japan Autumn 2019: Hida Folk Village

Our last stop in Takayama was the Hida Folk Village (飛騨の里, Hida no Sato). I really wanted to see Shirakawago this trip but Dan was getting a bit restless travelling outside of the bigger cities so we decided to skip that this time around (who would have known that we would not be able to return to Japan due to the pandemic any time soon… ugh…).

Hida no Sato is an open-air museum where you can see and explore thirty Edo period Hida-style farm buildings, everyday articles & folk crafts which all help give you an idea of what village life deep in the Japanese Alps was like once upon a time. The museum also offers demonstrations of traditional crafts such as weaving and dying fabrics as well as works shops all held inside the Arts & Crafts Center. All exhibited buildings at the Hida Folk Village are open for exploration (prepare for having to take off your shoes quite often).

Hida no Sato has a really charming and intimate atmosphere. During our time there only a handful of other tourists were there ,which made it easy to explore and read all the provided information. As I have mentioned before; history which talks about daily lives of regular people is what I love dearly so this place was right up my ally. My favorite bit about this museum was the information they provided on wild forging in Japan & the dishes that can be made using those wild plants. Ethnobiology is another discipline that absolutely fascinates me!

Judging by other people’s photos, this place looks very magical in the summer months with rows and rows of blue hydrangeas growing along the pond ad the the rice paddy enveloped by the luscious green of the mountain vegetation. A worth while place to visit while in Takayama for sure!

address: 1-590 Kamiokamotomachi, Takayama City

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