Liz Lisa Spring 2021 Sailor Collar Set Up

Liz Lisa Spring 2021 Sailor Collar Set Up

A couple of days ago my first Liz Lisa Spring 2021 order arrived – Sailor Collar Set Up (セーラーカラーセットアップ) 111-6006-0 in Pink. This set up brings Sailor Moon to mind straight away. I loved the promo pictures for this set up but it actually took me awhile to decide to get it. I debated on whether I will get that much wear out of it and if it’s worth it. In the end I decided ,with my hubby’s encouragement, to give it a try. This set up is hugely popular and nearly sold out within the first week of being released so I knew if I ed up hating it I can probably resell it without losing too much money.

First Impressions: besides it being absolutely adorable… this might be weird but I was very excited that Liz Lisa used the old style of lining. It’s polyester, of course, but it’s the soft silky kind that feels nice against your skin rather than the stiff, umbrella-like material they have been using around 2018-19. The quality of this set up is really good overall. I feel like Liz Lisa quality has improved again as of mid 2020 to now. I didn’t find any loose threats, buttons are firmly placed… there is just nothing to complain about honestly.

I love the fact that it is not a romper and that this set up is sold together – shorts + top. I don’t see myself wearing the top on it’s own but the shorts are totally useful in other coords. It will work great for most seasons this way.

The fit is great. It’s not too baggy or too loose on me. The shorts do not have a zipper though. I had some trouble getting it on the sewing dummy for pictures actually. I think ,despite the shearing on the waist line these shorts won’t fit wider hips/waist very comfortably. My recommendation is EU 34-36-38 max. I don’t think this set up is particularly forgiving or size inclusive, unfortunately.

Material: (Outer material) Polyester: 97%, Polyurethane: 3% (Other material) Polyester: 100% (Lining) Polyester: 100%

Fit: (Top) Length: 70cm, Shoulder width: 34cm, Bust: 46.5cm, Hem width 28cm (Max: 46cm), Top width: 21cm, Sleeve length: 59cm, Cuff width: 11cm (Bottoms) Length: 39cm, Waist: 62cm (Max) 98cm), belt width: 7.5cm, hem width: 35cm (maximum: 56cm)

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