Mini Liz Liza Mercari Japan Haul

Mini Liz Liza Mercari Japan Haul

Before we left for Cracow I decided to ship out all my ‘virtual thrift’ goodies out of the Japanese warehouse. I split them up to so they won’t go through customs all at the same time but also to spare myself some extra $ on tax. Today one of the packages has arrived and I’m super happy with all its contents so I wanted to write a quick blog post about my finds. I will try to write more detailed reviews on all the items in the future.

Starting with these two blouses. When I ordered the latest AW 2021 Chocolat print skirts in pink and mokka I started to panic a bit when it comes to blouses to wear with them. Especially, the mokka colorway seemed to potentially not go with anything already in my closet so I started looking though auction sites and Liz Lisa archives to find something that could potentially be a match and in a nice price range. I’ve found these two candidates. Check Frilled Blouse (175-1012-0) in pink from AW 2017 collection and this AW 2019 Heart Scalloped Ribbon Blouse (195-1005-0) in bordeaux. I have a big soft spot for 2017 when it comes to prints but less prominent items like blouses or bags didn’t disappoint either that year. Short sleeve blouses from that year can be a bit hit and miss as far as the fit goes for me. I have broad shoulders and toned arms which makes it so frequently these items will hit the broadest part of my arm (bicep etc) with the tightest part of the sleeve. It’s not the case for this blouse so I’m super happy! I wouldn’t mind getting it in the other color ways if I found it for a nice price. As for the Heart Scalloped Ribbon Blouse I never really thought of buying it before but its really cute and flattering. The shade of red is very deep thus goes with many of my items. When worn with bordeaux the red tones come out more while when paired with browns the color appears duller and thus more fitting. A truly great find!

I wanted this AW 2017 Check Pleated Sukapan (175-5001-0) in brown colorway for a very long time but it kept getting bought on auction sites and Liz Lisa sales groups before I could get to it so when I saw it sold with a matching top, Check Off Shoulder Peplum Top (175-1003-0), for a super good price (under 3000 yen) I just had to have it. Luckily no one snatched it before my shopping agent did and here it is!!! I couldn’t be happier. Honestly, although I think this set up is quite cute, I originally didn’t plan on getting the top. In fact I was getting prepared to having to sell it for a small price when it gets to me as I didn’t think a top that calls for so much attention to the upper area of your body will be all that flattering on my broad shoulders… it’s for ‘cute, small, Japanese models’ – I thought – but once I put it on it turned out not bad at all. Actually, I quite like the way this top looks on me and don’t feel like I came straight out of the 1980’s shoulder pad craze-phase.

And last but not least, these OTK boots from AW 2013. These Frill Top Over the Knee Boots (132-9661-0) in brown come out in a year that was honestly full of amazing otk boots. IMO, 2013, was the golden year for Liz Lisa boots. I told myself I don’t need any more long Liz Lisa boots and shouldn’t buy any more unless I find my dream 2012 pair but at last… I was looking at these for at least few month before actually pulling the plug and buying them. They were originally 14,490 yen but I got them for only 3400 yen new with tags!!! What a steal! The length of these is just perfect on me to wear with Liz Lisa skirts (unlike my other LL OTK boots pair which only fits the old super short mini OPs and Sukapans) and ,if I say so myself, my legs look amazing in them! I’m truly obsessed!

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  • Judith
    October 13, 2021 3:39 am

    Oh these look so beautiful on you.

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