Liz Lisa Winter 2020/Spring 2021: Lace-up Stretch Knee-High Boots & Belt Check Shirt One-Piece

Liz Lisa Winter 2020/Spring 2021: Lace-up Stretch Knee-High Boots & Belt Check Shirt One-Piece

Hola! Hola! Today’s post is a double review starting out with Liz Lisa’s spring 2021 shirt dress in pink – Belt Check Shirt One-piece (ベルト付チェックシャツワンピース) 111-6002-0. I like these type of dresses quite a bit as they are ideal for casual, comfy fits. It’s not tight or restrictive yet paired with a belt it gives you a great silhouette. The boyish cut with the girly, feminine details together make for a great mix of edgy and sweet. Paired with otk boots or heels it can be a fun and sexy look while when worn with sneakers, loafers or combat boots it gives the vibes of grungy and causal. Another nice feature of this item is that it can be worn as a dress, top or a layering outer piece; so it gives many fun coordination possibilities. You can also get matching shorts on TKL ,which I have personally opted out of purchasing as I have may shorts already. However they are on sale now so I might get them in the future. Liz Lisa has since released two more shirt dresses but this one remains my personal favorite.

I love the little ruffle trim on the collar and chest pocket as well as the adorable heart-shaped buttons. I am so-so about scrip on clothes but I actually enjoy the gold embroidery down the long sleeves which say: ‘Special Day For Girls‘ quite a it… it’s kind of silly, like most Liz Lisa ‘slogans’, but I do dig this one… come on? Who doesn’t love girls? 🙂 On top of that it is subtle enough where it’s just a fun detail ,which doesn’t call too much attention to itself. The quality is good. It might not have any lining but I think this adds to the oversized, flannel flowy nature of this OP. The woven fabric is really lovely and feels good against my skin. I love this op and have zero complaints. It’s great quality and so much fun to coord with. It’s sill available on TKL in the sales section as of writing this post so grab it if you want it!

Fit: Length: 84.5 cm, Shoulder width: 61 cm, Bust: 125 cm, Hem width: 70 cm, Top width: 17 cm, Collar width: 5.8 cm + Frills: 1.5 cm, Sleeve length: 55 cm, Cuff width: 12 cm

Material: polyester: 65%, rayon: 35% 


The second item I’m going to review today are these OTK boots in black – Lace Up Stretch Knee High Boots (レースアップストレッチニーハイブーツ) 107-9606-0. This is the second release of these boots from Winter 2020, it came in black and brown. The first release was in Winter 2019 and came in black and beige. Currently (Autumn/Winter 2021) you can buy the third release of these boots in black and white. I got my pair during sales for less than half the origial price and overall I’m rather happy with them. The low, stable heel combined with the stretchy fabric makes for comfortable wear. I can easily wear them all day without complaining. They go with a lot of stuff and the cute ruffle and lace up back with a bijou heart add a lot of charm to overall look of the boots.

I don’t regret buying them and I wouldn’t mind snagging the white pair this winter but I will be honest and say that quality wise they just aren’t worth their full price tag in my opinion. The way they look in coordinations is ‘100%, yes, girl! go get these boots!’ but in terms of quality they are kind of trash. They are definitely the most flimsy, cheap-looking/feeling Liz Lisa boots I own (and I own 6 pairs of Liz Lisa boots right now and had owned 9 pairs in total if you include boots that I’ve sold or used up completely). The heels is very light weight and plastic-y. The material is so soft and flimsy that it took me hitting my heel lightly on the corner of the door step in my home once to puncture a hole in not only the faux suede fabric but also the actual plastic heel itself. Another disappointing thing about these boots is that other then the little elastic piece in the back it has nothing that will help keep the boots from sliding down your legs. I’d say I have pretty average legs in terms of thickness and they kept sliding down my calves every 5-10 minutes. It was unbearably annoying and you don’t even need to have particularly skinny legs (as demonstrated by moi!) for it to happen. In the end I have sown in a thick elastic trim slightly shorter in circumference than my thigh to keep the boots in place and stop them from sliding off ,which has been working great so far but it’s important to consider this when buying them. IMO you shouldn’t have to DIY boots that come at this price point because the manufacturer didn’t bother adding any basic ‘mechanism’ (ties, sticky plastic trim etc.) to keep the boots i place. On the flip side, these boots are made of very stretchy material so they will accommodate thicker claves etc. unlike most Liz Lisa boots from the past. You might not even have the sliding issue if your thighs are thicker but average to skinny legs be ready to have to DIY something to keep the boots up or suffer by having to pull them up every few steps you take.


(M): Foot length: 248 mm Heel height: 62 mm Cylinder length: 560 mm Cylinder circumference: 390 mm

(L): Foot length: 253 mm Heel height: 62 mm Cylinder length: 570 mm Cylinder circumference: 391 mm

Material: Synthetic fiber Bottom material: Synthetic bottom

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