Liz Lisa Spring 2021 Favorites

Liz Lisa Spring 2021 Favorites

I wanted to take a break from writing travel related blog posts and focus more on J-fashion for a minute. Liz Lisa has really tapped into my taste from winter 2020 to now so this going to be a little overview of my favorite items this season thus far.

Sailor Collar Set Up/ セーラーカラーセットアップ (111-6006-0): This set up caught my attention as soon as I saw promo pictures of it. The sailor collar in combination with the big bow with a gem in the middle and short length instantly brought to mind the Sailor Moon series. Come on, the pink one is so Chibiusa! I love that it’s not a romper but a two piece sold together! The shorts can be used in many different coords without the tunic.

Candy Button Cardigan/ボタンロングカーデ (111-3002-0): I just love the way this cardigan looks over the Sailor Collar Set Up. I’ve always wanted one of the oversized Liz Lisa cardis as it’s a great, practical basic. Nothing much to say here other than that it’s one of the must haves in my wardrobe at this point.

Bijou Strap Off-Shoulder Knit/ビジュストラップオフショルニット (111-3001-0): Another items that really charmed me straight away. I find off the shoulder designs very flattering and this is no exception. I love the mint color way in this knit though it’s probably not the type of shade I’d get a lot of use out of as it’s so far out my usual range of colors. Liz Lisa has been releasing a lot of knits in this style but I personally cannot get enough of them!

Sleeve Ribbon Sailor Blouson/袖リボンセーラーブルゾン (111-2002-0): This is one of the items that didn’t wow me at release but the more staff snaps I saw with it the more I felt like I cannot let this one go!

Belt Check Shirt One-piece/ベルト付チェックシャツワンピース (111-6002-0): This is an item that I never would have suspected myself to like this much (I mean, wth, it’s just a shirt!!!). The promo photos are kind of meh but I instantly imagined super cute casual outfits featuring it & staff coord pictures just confirmed to me that this is another ‘hot item’ on my wishlist! (Please, make it to sales! Please, make it to sales!) I’m a little disappointed that, unlike the Sailor Set Up, this one doesn’t come with the shorts included. I find it to be a bit of a bummer, honestly.

My Secret Room Print Skirt/My Secret Room柄スカート (111-4005-0): When I saw this print for the first time I thought the graphic was adorable but I’m not usually that into ‘object-themes’. What stood out to me at the time was the big bow on the OP (and in the back of the skirt) ,which I absolutely adore! As the time went on this print started charming me more and more! I haven’t bought this skirt yet but it is definitely on my wish list!

Suspender Short Pants/サスペンダー付きショートパンツ (111-5001-0): I looooove shorts & this is no exception. All color ways are the bomb, honestly! I love that the suspenders are removable, the high waist, the cute bow in the back! Love! Love! Love it!

Layered Belt Strap Top/レイヤード風ベルトストラップトップス (111-1003-0): This another item that grew on me. I thought it was a bit odd looking at first until I saw it in action in staff coordinates. I don’t wear blouses a whole lot but the black color way is my target right now!

Ribbon Strawberry Bit Tote Bag/ストロベリーラビットトート (111-9405-0): Not much to say about this one. It’s just cuteness overload and who doesn’t love a tote bag? I wish this applique was released on a sweatshirt instead of the Shortcake Bear.

Dry Flower Rose Pierces/ドライフラワーローズピアス (111-9002-0): And last but not least: these earrings. The design stole my heart and I purchased them as soon as they went online. Love it! I don’t wear a lot of jewelry but when I do it’s usually big statement earrings so I knew I had to get these!

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