Liz Lisa Winter 2020: Frill Strap Off-Shoulder Knit

Liz Lisa Winter 2020: Frill Strap Off-Shoulder Knit

Today’s review is about Liz Lisa – Frill Strap Off Shoulder Knit (フリルストラップオフショルニット) 107-3014-0 in black colorway from winter 2020. I love off shoulder items so this definitely caught my eye at release. Initially, I aimed to get it in pink or white as I thought the black color way with the pale pink accents might be limiting when it comes to creating different coords. However, the more I looked at the black version the more I liked it. I tried waiting for this knit to go on sale but due to how popular it was I decided not to risk it any more and buy it at full price.

This heart cable knit is very light weight and stretchy with slouchy balloon sleeve to create a slight oversized look. Due to how thin and light it is – it’s perfectly suitable for most seasons ,which adds to this item’s versatility. I especially enjoy how you can dress it up for more elegant coords or dress it down for a casual outing. Today I was staying home so I decided to pair it with black bell bottom jeans for a very everyday, easy to wear and comfy look.

The sleeves are adjustable by a ribbon so you can pull them up to desired length and create a sheared look. Thus far I’ve mostly kept it at maximum length because I like slouchy, long sleeves that go below the wrist but I find the option to pull them up with a ribbon very original and perhaps quite practical in certain situations.

The ribbon straps are removable so you can also wear this sweater without them. It’s also handy when it comes to cleaning and washing as the option to take the straps off can preserve the condition of the metal heart charm and the delicate lace.

This knit should accommodate a variety of different sizes (my recommendation is EU 34 to a small 40) but I recommend following official Liz Lisa size guidelines for more accuracy.

Fit: length: 50cm Width: 48cm Hem width: 34cm Top width: 28.5cm Collar width: 4cm Front descent: 15.5cm Back descent: 12cm A / H: 19.5cm Sleeve width: 21.5cm Sleeve length: 55cm Cuff width: 12cm

Material: 73% acrylic, 24% nylon, 3% polyurethane, tape part: 100% polyester, lace part: 100% nylon, heart mesh: 100% nylon

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