J-fashion Oldies Wishlist

J-fashion Oldies Wishlist

I spent the last week scanning old issues of Liz Lisa catalogs which resulted in me low key falling in love all over again with the style ,which truly drew me into the world of j-fashion and brought me over from Harajuku to Shibuya for the first time. I’m not sure what this style is exactly, but in the western j-fashion community it’s frequently referred to as Romatic Gal or Roma Gyaru. I’m unsure of where this term first came to be. When you google ‘himekaji’ in Japanese, for example, barely anything relevant comes up. It’s mostly a term used in western j-fashion circles and I have my suspicion that it’s kind of the case for Roma Gyaru as well. Either way, I was aware of Liz Lisa before this term became popular but the brand hasn’t completely taken over my life before this aesthetic has gotten big (the boho/cowboy look was never really to my linking)! Once the blush pinks, browns, beige, otk boots and fluffy knits become brand staples I was hooked!

Over the years I’ve experimented with many different styles ad readily adapted whatever new styles Liz Lisa was coming out with. However,now that I’m 30 (which is such an odd age when you are into j-fashion. I haven’t grow out of the ‘kawaii-romantic/himekaji’ style yet even though I’m pretty much a granny by the himekaji community’ standards, despite giving it a fair shot last year, I still feel too young for Japanese fashion for mature girls/women. I want to write a blog post about this in the future.) So here I am, looking back at the styles from c. 2010-2014 and loving it more than ever. I don’t want to do a big wardrobe overhaul but I’d like to slowly shift more towards this style and mix it with the cute Liz Lisa prints and more current cuts when suitable.

Here is a little inspo/wishlist of past brand items ,which I’d love to add to my wardrobe in the future.

DaTuRa cable knit poncho with fluffy parka style hood in beige or cream. I’m not looking for any particular style just something with similar oversized, slouchy cute.

Liz Lisa agora style floral sweater. Styles like this have been coming out each year from LL back in the day but I somehow never bought one. I like many of them so I’m not looking for any particular release though I do really like the off shoulder varieties of this knit.

Some type of Liz Lisa cigar style pants in shades of brown or cream. Plain, floral or check.

Some cute lace up wedge booties in brown or beige. Brand doesn’t matter much – can even be a western brand as long as it fits the style!


  • Mily
    September 4, 2021 7:11 am

    I think I understand a little I am 32. When I was 30 I start thinking.. What to do? but I really like liz lisa outfit and jfashion so I continue to wear clothes like before but trying to take oldest magazine as inspo because I love boho style but also most lolita pattern to… I think the most important is to feel good in what you wear even if some people call you child. If you don’t feel good try to stop wearing it. But it is a such big passion 💖

    • Olivcho
      September 13, 2021 7:09 pm

      I totally agree! I am not sure when I will outgrow Liz Lisa but it isn’t now yet. I fact, I am warming up to the more ‘lolitaish’ items that I used feel ‘not cute enough’ to wear myself lately. And I feel so cute and confident in them. It’s really odd as I used to frequently feel like many of the Liz Lisa clothes were cuter than me if that makes sense… like I felt uglier in them because I couldn’t measure up to their cuteness or something silly like that. I guess, it’s true that once you hit your 30s your juts stop caring :D. As for your faves, I actually think the Liz Lisa boho style fits many age ranges. Its kind of timeless! And lolita… yes… I always enjoy seeing mature women in lolita. I am always meaning to get back in the fashion but it’s been over 15 years and investig in a whole new wardrobe seems like a lot… maybe one day. BTW I am not ready yet, but I’d love to ask you a few interview style questions in regards to your j-style journey into your 30s.

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