Liz Lisa Winter 2020: Bunny Fur Knit One Piece

Liz Lisa Winter 2020: Bunny Fur Knit One Piece

It’s been a while since I’ve written any reviews. I just haven’t found a way to make it very efficient yet. I am planning on ordering a ring light soon to make this process a bit easier even if the light conditions are not great. Ideally, I’d like to post one review-style post a week so I can speed up through my wardrobe. Today’s review is on Liz Lisa’s winter 2020 bunny sweater dress in lavender – Bunny Fur Knit One-piece (ウサファーニットワンピース) 107-6034-0. I liked this sweater so much that I went ahead and pre-ordered it. The knit was also released in regular sweater length with a lace collar. Both versions were very cute but I went for the sweater dress myself. I don’t wear a lot of lavender so it’s easier for me to coord OP’s over something that will need a matching bottom+accessories. This knit in lavender was extremely popular and sold out within days of it’s release. White & black are still available on TKL as of now.

The tiny details on this knit such as the velvet ribbon on the sleeve and the bijou hearts add even more sweetness to the design. I try to avoid metal pieces like this as they fade and get damaged over multiple washes, however, I figured that it won’t be that big of a deal as the detail is so small that if it turns too ‘ugly’ I can always remove it and wear it without the little diamond hearts. So no big deal.

The fabric itself is super soft and a bit fluffy. Suitable for winter, autumn and early spring. It’s August now, so we are nearing the end of summer and the weather is starting to cool down. It was a cloudy day today (around 17°C) so I paired it up with pink DearMyLove sandals and a Maison de Fleur tote matching the bunny’s feet and ears. It was a perfect combo as I was neither too hot nor too cold.

Fit: length: Length: 80.5cm, Shoulder width: 54cm, Width: 55cm, Hem width: 44cm, Top width: 20.5cm, Front descent: 9.5cm, Back descent: 3cm, Collar width: 3cm, A / H: 21.5cm, Sleeve length: 49 cm, cuffs: 9.5 cm

Material: (Body) Acrylic: 77%, Nylon: 23% (Bore part) Polyester: 100% (Velor part) Polyester: 95%, Polyurethane: 5% (Ribbon part) Nylon: 100%

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