DearMyLove Summer 2021: Ribbon Sneaker Sandals

DearMyLove Summer 2021: Ribbon Sneaker Sandals

This is somewhat of a continuation of my previous review. It was my first time buying shoes from Yumetenbo/Dream Vision/ DearMyLove so I wasn’t sure what size to pick. I got a pair of mary jane, three bows strap in 25.5 which proved themselves waaay too big for me unfortunately. I’m currently selling them on my depop for those interested. I also got a pair of Lace up Heart Ribbon Sneaker Sandals (レースアップハートビジューリボンスニーカーサンダル) 531230101 in size 25 and these fit much better. I like big platforms so I went for the 10cm heel in pink x white color way. As of writing this blog post these sneakers are still available in multiple colors and sizes in the webshop!

I got these sandals as soon as they got restocked and went on sale. I really wanted a pair of sneaker style sandals but hadn’t found anything that I liked enough until I saw this pair in light powder pink. In my opinion these type of shoes have ,what I like to call, the ‘pug quality’. Meaning it’s kind of cute & kind of ugly at the same time. They are big, obnoxious, tacky and strangely shaped but somehow stole my heart to the point that I just had to have them!

After I had ordered them I started having doubts as I wasn’t sure if they will really fit anything inside my closet. But I am happy to report that they go with so much and are great for casual outfits as well as dressing down pieces without making things boring.

I already had the chance to wear them a handful of times. They walk really easy and seem really comfortable however I have one issue with them. The gathered synthetic leather trim rubs my toes and over a long wear time scrapes the skin which can get very itchy. Surprisingly it only happens on my left foot while my right foot has none of these issue. There doesn’t seem to be any difference in the way the trim is shaped etc. on either shoe etc. so I assume my foot is the problem… ^-^’ My left foot is smaller then my right foot so that is one thing that might contribute to the rubbing however I have very strange feet in general. Sometimes it seems like all shoes rub me in some spots or give me blisters. Cheap, expesive, pumps or seakers… doesn’t matter. >.< Now, usually this will be resolved as I keep wearing the shoes and they break in over time (or I just learn where to band aid up) however with this pair I’m thinking of sewing a small piece of soft cloth underneath the trim on the left sandals to save my two toes from itching and burning.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that these sandals are quite wide. It doesn’t really bother me as someone with what I assume are regular feet but if you got thin, Cinderella feetsies it might not be that ideal of a choice.

Material: synthetic leather
Fit: 22.5 to 25.5

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